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We are certified dog trainers, providing boarding and training services for dog owners throughout South Florida.

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About The Confident Canine

We're the result of more than two decades of combined experience working with dogs and their owners. We understand the significant role training plays order to reinforce good behavior and how to maximize your dog's relationships. We strive to provide high-quality services for every dog - no matter the size, age or temperament.


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"The 2-week board & training was worth every penny"

The Confident Canine treated Bob like one of their own... I got daily pics and videos of the training process & of Bob just living his best life! Any questions or concerns I had were answered and it helped reassure me that Bob was in great hands. The 2-week board & training was worth every penny & I’m proud that Bob is part of the Confident Canine family.



"The Confident Canine changed my life and Sasha’s life for the better!"

I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer than Emily! The in-home consultation with Emily was extremely helpful both for Sasha and me! ...I was assured that Sasha would be in the best hands for the two weeks, and she was not wrong! Sasha got the proper exercise and playtime that she needed on top of her training. Trust me when I tell you, you will not be disappointed when choosing Emily!

"I would trust The Confident Canine’s advice on absolutely anything with regard to my dogs."

Emily is a rare breed herself. She is an unyieldingly hard worker, always pleasant and friendly, never late, trustworthy, and a great human to dogs. I would trust Emily’s advice on absolutely anything with regard to my dogs. I know she knows what she’s doing and she trains humans to be great pet parents!!!


Answers to the common questions dog owners ask us.

Do you provide in-home consultations?

Yes, we offer in-home consultations for our prospective clients and their dogs. In-home consultations can be beneficial for some dogs as it allows them to get used to our Staff in an environment they're comfortable in. In-home consultations also provide for a great opportunity to discuss the goals and training you would like for your best friend.

Our Professional Training Services

For many of our clients receiving training services for their dog, we kickoff the relationship with an in-home consultation. If you would like to learn more about our training services please head to our Training Service page or contact us directly if you have any questions.

How do I enroll my dog into your Bootcamp Program?

To start the process of enrolling your dog into our Bootcamp Program please fill our Consultation Form. After our free consultation, we will make a customized plan for your dog's stay at our facility.

Do you offer boarding only services?

Yes, please contact us directly to schedule your dog's boarding days. In order to inquire about Boarding Services for your dog, please first fill out our Boarding Request Form. Alternatively, please press the "Free Consultation" button below to begin the boarding process.

To learn more about our Boarding Services and the experience you can expect for your dog, please head to our Boarding Service page or contact us directly.

At which age should my dog start training?

Training your puppy starts the minute you bring them home, as early as eight weeks. At this age, they can learn the basics and begin different types of socialization such as people, dogs, and, other objects. Most dogs are ready to start formal obedience training as early as 16 weeks, but even old dogs can learn new tricks!

Although we recommend beginning your dog’s obedience training as early as possible, dogs of all ages are able to learn at The Confident Canine beginning at 18 Weeks of age. Most dogs are ready to begin obedience training as early as this age and also are more capable of interacting with their environment and peers.

Please learn more about our professional training services or contact us directly to find out more.

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