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Professional Dog Training

Enjoy 1-on-1 private training services with one of our experts to elevate your dog's behavior and enable them to create harmonious relationships. Our lessons focuses on socialization, basic obedience, behavioral issues, and problem-solving. Book your free consultation today!

Service Features

In-home consultation
Name Recall
Loose-leash Walking
Socialization Skills
Command Training
Obedience Training

Help Your Dog Be The Best They Can Be

Our personalized training sessions provides the foundation for skills and behavioral development that will last a lifetime. Rather than apply positive-reinforcement training, we use a balanced approach that results in more consistent behavior from your dog.


Why Choose Us?

Unlike our competitors, we offer customized training solutions for dogs of any age. We understand that each dog is unique, which is why we craft a solution that's custom to your dog.

Customized Training
Behavior Modification
Skills Development
Help Your Dog Be The Best They Can Be
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We provide a seamless process for our customers. Learn the steps from A-Z. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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1-on-1 Private Training Services

We offer customized training solutions for dogs of any age. We understand that each dog is unique, so we craft a solution tailored to your dog's needs.

Start Training Process
Rivka F
I’m so happy to give these 5 stars. I brought charlie as a puppy to see Emily at Confident Canine. I was immediately impressed. The facility is like no other. The love and knowledge that they have is truly amazing. Charlie just completed his training and I’m so impressed. I was able to take him to a store and he knew how to behave. I’m super happy with Confidence Canine and would highly recommend.
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Cyrus W
think the best way to start is by echoing all of the previous reviews and all the amazing things they had to say about Emily and her facility, because they are all true! We adopted an extremely sweet, but hyper energetic dog from Peggy Adams a few months ago, and despite our best efforts, it became apparent that we needed some professional help. After a little trial and error with some other trainers, we found Emily, and thank heavens we did. Immediately, you can tell how much love and care she has for animals. With that said, she also exercises the perfect amount of sternness which with our stubborn pup was definitely needed. Long story short, we had Paisley board and train with Emily for 3 weeks, and she came back a new dog. She went from being borderline uncontrollable on the leash, to walking with no leash. It is really incredible. The last thing I’ll say about Emily is how available she makes herself…she is always happy to answer questions over the phone or text and go out of her way to make sure she is giving you all the tools you need to be a good owner.
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Eleana N
We love the confident canine!!! Emily and her staff are the best! I have used her boarding services now 3 times and I am 100% satisfied every time! I know my pup, Finn, loves to stay there and be surrounded by good pups alike. One of my biggest worries was aggressive dogs but at the confident canine that’s never been a worry thanks to Emily’s expertise. On top of knowing Finn is well taken care of, I also truly appreciate how flexible they are with pick up and drop off times and especially when things out of our control happen like flight delays they have always worked with me and I couldn’t be more grateful.
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Overjoyed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel! When I say that I am incredibly grateful for Emily and for the Confident Canine, I mean it with absolutely everything! The work and love and dedication she poured into my girl reflects as a world of difference. I had been hopeful to do self-training, but I was lost and overwhelmed and the Confident Canine was recommended by our Vet. And I will be forever grateful it was! I am blown away by the near-immediate changes in my girl after her stay there, and I cannot wait to further progress her and live out so many more adventures together in a safe and happy way! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Subira K
They took amazing care of my shy, hard headed, stubborn rottie. Extremely clean facility. They really care about the well being of the dogs.
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Valerie M
If you’re looking for a nice place that genuinely cares for your pups, Confident Canine is the perfect place! They do such an awesome job. I will definitely be using their services whenever we leave town.
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Robin S
No one would board our “sketchy” Malinois. Emily said “bring her over!” Within minutes the Mali was comfortable and playing. I then asked Emily to train our new WPG puppy, Bimini. Wow, we now have a well trained puppy, who is brave and excited to work. We can’t imagine ever having another dog and not having Emily train them. She is the BEST!!!!!!
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Sean C
Trust is Everything! Without it, you have nothing. By far easiest 5 star review of my life. There isn’t a more genuine and honest human out there on this planet that I would chose over Emily with Confident Canine.I can remember the first time she came to meet my two dogs. If you are lucky 🍀 enough to meet her, she’s this little thing and I have two large dogs- Hank, a Great Dane and Clyde, my well fed Pit Bull. Emily took this picture attached one morning taking my pups for a walk. She was more in control with my two dogs in 10 seconds than me with years.I used her training services that were assertive and non aggressive. I was really impressed with Emily’s heart and passion for animals that separated her from any of the others I tried. There is only one Emily and I couldn’t be more proud to see the confident canine taking off. If you are debating signing up- stop. In my years spent using her for multiple services- training, dog walking, house/dog sitting while I was away- 100 percent professional and 100 percent trustworthy. She would always take my calls, answered all my questions, and most importantly- when she had my dogs- I was always well informed. 💯 🐶👍
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Karin B
I get compliments EVERY DAY on how well behaved my Great Dane is because of the training I learned from Emily, she has a real passion for the work she does and it shows!
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Christine V
This is the most amazing dog boarding I’ve tried for my pitbull Nalla! Emily, the owner, immediately made my dog feel welcomed. Her facility is not like others I’ve seen and has a home feel which is perfect for my dog that tends to get easily nervous. I never have to worry when she spends the night because I know she is well taken care of and Emily goes above and beyond for the dogs in her care. She is also great at professionally training dogs!! Highly recommend to any dog mom or dad looking for an awesome trainer or place to take your pup to for the day or overnight!
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Peter T
Extremely impressed with the new company website. Staff was very friendly and professional
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Boarding Services

Overnight Stay

Whether you're going away on vacation or business, don't leave your best friend home alone! You can rest assured knowing that your dog will be loved and cared for during their stay with us.

Bootcamp Program

Training & Boarding

Our Bootcamp is a customized boarding and training program designed to meet the needs of each individual dog. This multi week course at our state of the art facility covers basic manners and obedience to more in depth behavior modification. After graduating from Bootcamp your dog will be an offical Confident Canine Pack Memeber and will receive 25% off all future boarding needs.