Head Trainer and Director of Health & Safety

Courtney is a certified professional trainer in addition to previously working full-time as a veterinary technician.


Courtney joined The Confident Canine in 2020 quickly after Emily opened her first location in West Palm Beach, Florida. Courtney is a professional health expert with a decade of dog training experience. Her love and care for dogs makes her an indispensable employee at The Confident Canine.

Courtney grew up in Boston and moved down to South Florida with Emily Hayward during 2020. When the opportunity arose to help Emily open a boutique boarding and training facility in West Palm Beach, Courtney capitalized! The Confident Canine has been an unforgettable experience for Courtney!

Courtney is the 2nd employee at The Confident Canine and joined the team during July of 2020.

Courtney's Role at The Confident Canine

Courtney is lead trainer and Director of Health & Safety at The Confident Canine.

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